February Program: Great A/E/C Tools, Tips, and Tricks from our Panel of Experts

By Heather Manke, Vogel Bros. Building Co.

February’s SMPS Wisconsin program was a social mixer geared towards marketing technology in the A/E/C industry. Participants heard from professionals in the areas of videography, photography, web design, social media, brand marketing, and tradeshow promotions who shared their best advice for companies wanting to utilize these services. Each professional shared tips for A/E/C companies to consider when looking to incorporate these services into their marketing strategy.

I’m sure the take-aways were different for everyone, but here’s the major point I gleaned from each speaker:

Dave and Michael Neelson of StoryFirst Media – Identify who the true character of the story is. The finished building is not the character…

Mike Rebholz of Rebholz Photography – Good communication and patience is key. It’s easy to Photoshop grass, but you can’t Photoshop the correct lighting on exterior building shots. You may need to be patient.

Tara Ingalls of Tingalls Graphic Design – Website design is like buying a car. You know you want a red, two door car. A good web designer will take the time to understand why you want a red, two door car, so that they can decide if you need the Ford engine or a Ferrari engine under the hood.

Jaimie Myers of Jaimie Myers Social Media Strategist – Keep the social in social media. Create conversation. Don’t just talk at people through your posts. Give them something to respond and interact with.

Morgan Burns of THIEL – Everything is your brand. Every thing. If you have a thing…it’s part of your brand. And every piece of brand is a new impression. Integrate everything. Your brand’s presence is the sum of all the experiences a person has with your company.

Ryan Paulsrud of AlphaGraphics – Never underestimate the power of a good pen. If nothing else, make sure you get a good pen. You look cheap if you choose a cheap pen.

Great tips from all of our participants. Thanks to all of our speakers for sharing their time and expertise with our SMPS Wisconsin members and guests!

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