SMPS Wisconsin is committed to supporting our membership to help them achieve professional objectives. We understand a growing number of our members have been impacted by the economic downturn. Yet, staying connected to the resources of an organization, such as SMPS, can be critical to helping us through declined markets.

So, SMPS Wisconsin is rolling out our “Member-In-Need” program in an effort to help at-risk members cover membership costs and stay connected to the chapter. SMPS Wisconsin will pay for a full annual membership to one recipient who best meets the following eligibility and judging criteria:

Eligibility and Criteria:

Must be a current member or have held a membership that expired in the past 12 months.

Must commit to volunteering on a SMPS Wisconsin committee for 12 months.

Must answer and submit the following questions to Corinne Evans, Membership Director:

  1. What has been your involvement in SMPS to date?
  2. Why do you consider yourself a “Member-In-Need”?
  3. How will an annual membership help support career/company success?


Additionally, even if you are not selected for the above annual membership, SMPS Wisconsin is willing to review opportunities to trade your skills or volunteer your time for reduced attendance fees at SMPS Wisconsin events.

The hope for this program is to give members the opportunity to remain engaged with the chapter and use the tools and resources to achieve success.

For any questions regarding the “Member-In-Need” program, please contact Hayley Novak, Membership Director.

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