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Jan 22

SMPS National Webinar: Confessions of a Content Whisperer - Brookfield Location

Join us for our SMPS national webinar and learn how to crack the code to extracting data from your technical team.

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Jan 23

SMPS National Webinar: Confessions of a Content Whisperer - Madison Location

During this webinar, participants will learn how to: identify what your team needs to know before contributing content, identify several subject matter experts and their motivations, and outline five methods to extract content from your technical team.

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Feb 1

LEARN Together in Madison

LEARN TogetherĀ is an informal coffee break where you can meet fellow A/E/C Marketing and Business Development professionals to discuss industry trends, get feedback on challenges you are encountering, share insights and get feedback.

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Does Your Company Realize How Valuable of an Asset YOU Are?

By Megan Kocchi, SMPS Wisconsin President

It’s an exciting time to be taking on the role of President for SMPS Wisconsin. On August 17th SMPS National released a new, modernized brand to better reflect the direction of the organization. Celebrating 45 years (29 years and counting for the Wisconsin Chapter), SMPS decided it was time to make a change, not only in the appearance of the organization, but also in how the organization and their members are viewed. A cornerstone of this is the vision statement:

Business Transformed Through Marketing Leadership

What does this mean? This is a message to AEC Leadership across the U.S. of the power their Marketing and Business Development staff have in transforming the way they do business, win clients, and tell their story; how proactive efforts are helping reinvigorate their position in the marketplace.

In my career I have always lived in the world of B2B, but upon joining EUA, I realized the importance in the service industry of how we leverage and promote our people. Our people are the cornerstone of the quality projects we create, shaping the service and experience that our clients receive every day. What I found when I started was a marketing team who was struggling (working weekends, missing deadlines and frankly a little fried out) to keep up with the reactive demands of the proposal and interview process, without the time or energy for the proactive promotion of the experts within the firm. SMPS has provided relevant programs and created meaningful industry connections that have helped my team identify ideas and new ways to directly impact our social media, thought leaders, videography, website, content development, strategic planning, and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. The influence I have felt from being part of the organization has transformed the way my team and I prioritize and strategize to promote the value of our people – both internally and externally. Not only has it helped us push the boundaries of branding and celebrating successes, but it has created an invaluable community of peers and connections to get business done more efficiently and enjoyably. Going one step further, from proactively searching knowledge and then sharing the insights we gain from SMPS programs and other relevant trainings, it has helped create a closer-knit team.

I’ve heard stories from my SMPS Wisconsin peers that mirror my own team’s struggle and transition. By utilizing the tools SMPS provides to help their firms take advantage of this bull economy (taking the bull by the horns as they say) they are playing an integral role in transforming the way their businesses are seen in the marketplace.

My experience working with the SMPS Wisconsin chapter has been an incredibly positive one. Each program, board meeting, or networking event I attend I am surrounded by motivated, hard-working (and don’t forget resilient) people who are making a difference where they work. By sharing honest stories of struggles and successes, we are not only bringing ideas to help improve the presence of our companies, we are fixing broken processes and paving a way for a brighter tomorrow.

My challenge to each of you this year is to push yourself out of your humble Midwest comfort zone and openly share your SMPS experiences with your firm at wide, especially your firm leadership. Show them the impact the organization, training and networking is making in how you approach your job and your career, so they truly start to understand the value SMPS (and especially you) provide. Because every day we are helping our companies by Transforming Business Through Marketing Leadership. And that makes you a pretty valuable asset to your firm.

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