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Jan 22

SMPS National Webinar: Confessions of a Content Whisperer - Brookfield Location

Join us for our SMPS national webinar and learn how to crack the code to extracting data from your technical team.

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Jan 23

SMPS National Webinar: Confessions of a Content Whisperer - Madison Location

During this webinar, participants will learn how to: identify what your team needs to know before contributing content, identify several subject matter experts and their motivations, and outline five methods to extract content from your technical team.

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Feb 1

LEARN Together in Madison

LEARN TogetherĀ is an informal coffee break where you can meet fellow A/E/C Marketing and Business Development professionals to discuss industry trends, get feedback on challenges you are encountering, share insights and get feedback.

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Harness AI and Voice Assistant Technology to Promote Your Business

It’s 2023.

Municipal officials have directed a city manager to seek Statements of Qualification for a new civic center.

The manager turns to his handy Amazon Echo and asks, “Alexa, tell me how many seats are in the XYZ Center.”

Her answer, “According to Alpha Architects, there are 1,500 seats in that facility.”

The manager realizes that the XYZ Center compares to his own community’s future needs. He makes sure to include that regional architectural firm in his SOQ list.

Because of Alexa’s response, Alpha Architects already has gained a competitive edge in the proposal process.

Are you ready to optimize your website to maximize voice assistant technology for your firm?

Early Adoption of AI and Voice Assistant Technology

Nick Myers, Founder & Creative Director of RedFox Creative, Madison, recently gave SMPS members insights into the future of artificial intelligence and voice assistant technology. He presented at the Brink Lounge, Madison.

Right now, we’re in the early adoption phase of AI and voice recognition.

“The train has left the station,” Nick said.

To prove his point, Nick played a video where the Google Assistant scheduled a hair appointment with an unsuspecting hair salon receptionist.

In the future, Nick predicts voice technology will beat social media channels as the preferred method of communication.

What does this mean for business interactions?

Rise of Virtual Experiences

Businesses will work to create better experiences for people in their own homes. They will seek information through quizzes, discounts and voice intelligent “skills”.

Alexa users, for example, can scan third-party applications to add skills to their account. You can search categories such as Smart Home, Food and Drink or Lifestyle for skills you want to use.

Nick noted that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are competing to earn the top spot in the smart speaker industry.

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