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LEARN Together in Madison

LEARN Together is an informal coffee break where you can meet fellow A/E/C Marketing and Business Development professionals to discuss industry trends, get feedback on challenges you are encountering, share insights and get feedback.

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LEARN Together in Wauwatosa

LEARN Together is an informal coffee break where you can meet fellow A/E/C Marketing and Business Development professionals to discuss industry trends, get feedback on challenges you are encountering, share insights and get feedback.

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Member Spotlight | Carrie Wojcik

Carrie Wojcik, Business Development Specialist at Spacesaver

Basic Biography

I grew up in Southern, WI on a farm with cows and horses. Back in the day, I participated in 4-H, choir, and band. Unsure of where I wanted to go, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which was not far from home at the time. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. After college, I spent a great deal of my time in the lake country area around Lake Geneva. Good jobs were hard to come by, but the culture and location was invigorating and offered plenty to do. I often jogged or hiked around the lake and attended fun local events. Meanwhile, I worked in a wide variety of jobs including cleaning lake homes, working in a customer support job, and tending horses at a barn and living there too! I learned a lot about hard work and creating your own destiny.

A couple years later, the opportunity to work at Spacesaver in Business Development presented itself, and after many interviews I was hired! I had no experience in business, the A/E/C industry, or marketing, but I have embraced the industry and learned a lot. Spacesaver has a “go-getter” culture, which our President Mark Haubenschild and leadership has led by example.

I am thankful to work in such a diverse environment with different ages, backgrounds, and skill sets. I never imagined I would have a job where, on the same day, I am meeting with an engineer, next, a representative from IT, and after, a sales representative out in the field. Strange things happen here, but it is because we are always driving for what’s next and how we can improve.

What are your primary career goals now, and how do you hope SMPS can help you reach them?

To become a well-known representative of my company, Spacesaver, while growing the awareness of the company as well. Spacesaver works with a large distribution channel to sell its products, and I very much enjoy working with our representatives and helping them develop strategies for business development and marketing.

SMPS has provided me with the opportunity to meet representatives from companies who are huge stakeholders in projects that we are also involved in. SMPS helps to integrate Spacesaver with the A/E/C industry. Oftentimes, SMPS hosts informal and formal educational events that continue to develop my knowledge for marketing and business development.

What is the best communication or marketing advice you ever received?

To always make your language and content about the client and not your company. Instead of sending over a grocery list of what your company does, rather, talk about the current state and challenges your clients are having now, and how your company can provide a solution. This can be applicable to your marketing content or your approach to customers during the business development/sales process.

Also, as a marketing representative, this language can be helpful selling large marketing strategies to the leadership at your company. How does our new marketing initiative improve the company and accomplish company goals? Same idea, make the information valuable to the recipient and about the recipient.

What sparked your interest in the AEC industry?

The building industry has always intrigued me, especially architecture and interior design. My plan was always to work for the government or a public office, but I am glad to have landed a job working in the A/E/C industry. Although government influences our lives significantly, so does design. Building and road design can improve our wellness, efficiency, and overall lifestyle. Design can create and influence culture, and I am so honored to be an influencer in this industry.

Who has influenced you professionally?

Kate Winkler, my supervisor. It’s not often you find a supervisor who is truly a great coach and isn’t afraid to let their employee move on to bigger and better opportunities at the company. My writing skills, marketing knowledge, and business development practices have all improved significantly since I have worked with her.

If you could sit down to dinner with 5 people (dead or alive) who would you invite and what would you serve?

I’d invite family and friends and serve an appetizer buffet that includes cheese curds!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To teleport! Almost every weekend I head to the northern woods, and I always think to myself, “…if only I could teleport and be there right after fish fry….”

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be?

Youtube makeup artist. Sounds silly, but these artists can work with a variety of makeup companies to help sell and promote products. They often receive free samples from large makeup companies, and, if they are lucky, they get the opportunity to create their own makeup lines in partnership with a large makeup manufacturer (seriously how cool it that?!?).  It truly is a one man show handling marketing, business development, and sales!

Motto you most often ascribe to

Be brave

Favorite movie

Lyrics and Music – very funny romcom

Favorite song

Heartache on the Dancefloor by Jon Pardi (it’s my ringtone!)

Favorite book

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin


Running, it’s my favorite activity when visiting a new city or place!
Yoga, one of my coworkers got me into it, we have a small yoga break during lunch.
Hiking/tubing in Northern Wisconsin. I love hiking year-round, and in the summer I like to float down the rivers and relax.

Connect with me

LinkedIn profile link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrie-wojcik-2aa1b6111/
Website: Spacesaver.com

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